Our Services

Canvas LMS – TLT is leading the transition to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is a robust teaching platform that provides easy to use features such as quizzes, modules, and grading, as well as many external tool integrations. The Blackboard LMS is being retired and will not be available after August 31, 2017. Visit our Canvas transition website for more information and support. You can login to Canvas at classes.emory.edu.

We offer many workshops on Canvas, which are open to all faculty and graduate teaching assistants. If you need personalized assistance moving your content from Blackboard to Canvas, you can make an appointment for a consultation or contact classes@emory.edu

Academic Content Production – TLT staff are experts in creating and optimizing content from all forms of media to enhance learning both online and in the classroom. From ebooks to podcasts to integrating video content into your pedagogy, our team is available for faculty consultations and technology advice. To learn more, ask a question or to schedule a consultation, check out or bios or email classes@emory.edu.

Educational Technology Consultations – Our team members have a wide and diverse body of experience in both teaching and implementing new and established technologies in the classroom and online. We are available to consult with faculty, either individually or in group sessions, on a variety of technology-and pedagogy-related topics.

Instructional Design – We have several instructional design specialists on our team who can assist with implementing best practices into your course design. This service includes 1-on-1 consultations about designing courses in Canvas as well as designing assignments around specific technologies. Make an appointment with an instructional designer to help students get the most out of your course.

Lynda.com – Lynda.com is the premier source for technology and business training of the Web, with thousands of courses on hundreds of different creative, programming and career topics. Full-time students, faculty and staff can access Lynda.com through the library portal at http://it.emory.edu/lynda, and our educational technologists can help faculty find creative ways to integrate Lynda course material into classroom teaching.

ARTStor and ARTStor Shared Shelf – TLT staff work in concert with library to provide support for image catalog creation and management for faculty using the ARTStor and ARTStor Shared Shelf platforms.

Software Distribution – This TLT service is a primary campus source for information about teaching and research software licensed by the University. We consult with faculty about eligibility and best pricing, and also help locate other academic titles they need. More information is available at https://software.emory.edu or email software.distribution@emory.edu.