Emory Healthcare Information Services

Leadership: Sheila Sanders, Interim; Chief Information Officer
Contact: Emory Healthcare Information Services, 1784 North Decatur Road NE, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30322
Website: www.emoryhealthcare.org

Mission Statement of Emory Healthcare Information Services (EHC-IS): Strategic implementation and utilization of information technology in partnership with innovation in clinical practice, research and discovery, and education creates the unique opportunity to positively and substantively transform the future of healthcare.

Core Purpose of the EHC-IS is to provide the information technology services that:

  • Support Emory Healthcare's commitment to care for patients & their families, educate healthcare professionals, pursue discovery research & clinical innovation and to serve the community.
  • Support the core purpose of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center to serve Humanity by Improving Health, "Transforming Health and Healing... Together"

What We Do:

With the explosion of new technology and information systems for the healthcare arena, decisions around new technology have become progressively more complex. Choices made today have the potential to impact patient care, healthcare spending, and business growth well into the future. The need for vision and enterprise thinking is paramount. EHC-IS has a well-defined, long-term strategy for technical architecture and infrastructure. Practices are governed by established and recognized standards, policies and procedures and innovative thinking and continual collaboration with the business units we serve. The strategy includes a multi-year, multi-faceted cross functional plan that outlines directions for all aspects of the EHC-IS organization.

Simply put, EHC-IS provides the guidance, input and direction in the selection, installation and support of IT solutions that meet the goals of fiscal, operational and clinical improvement for all entities of Emory Healthcare including:

  • Emory University Hospital
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown
  • The Emory Clinic and its 35 Satellite Clinics
  • Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital
  • Emory University Orthopedic and Spine Hospital

These services are provided by four core workgroups including:

  • Application Services (Enterprise, Departmental, Data Warehouse)
  • Project and Process Improvement Services (Budget Requests, New Requests, Project Management, Process Improvement, Contracts)
  • Client Services (Desktop, Service Desk, Security)
  • Technical Services (Hardware, Storage, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Development)