University IT Services and Research Solutions

Leadership: Marc Overcash, Deputy Chief Information Officer
Contact: Email us, or call the University Service Desk (404-727-7777)

What We Do:

We support researchers and the academic health sciences through the design and adoption of information technology solutions. These solutions and platforms are designed, when appropriate, to comply with the unique federal regulations, such as HIPAA, and research technology and data standards, such as HL7.

Our products/services help researchers collect and manage data, collaborate with peers, manage study information, manage research laboratory and specimen data, discover research resources, and analyze significant volumes of data through high performance computing. We also provide consulting services with expertise in programming, project management, Web design, cluster design and operations, and database design and management.

Some of Our Services:

Consulting services - specializing in system design, database design and management, application development, Web design, user interface design, usability testing, and project management. Learn more >>

Electronic Form-based Data Capture - secure, Web-based systems that facilitate the acquisition of data for research. Learn More >>

High Performance Computing Environment - a general use cluster, tuned to perform optimally on jobs varying across a number of disciplines with both large and small data sets. Access to the cluster is granted to Emory-affiliated PIs based on a CPU/hour charge model. Learn More >>

Clinical Data Warehouse Extraction Service - a resource for the research community who want to access information residing within the Emory Clinical Data Warehouse. Learn More >>

Web Design and Development - we offer a full range of web design and development services including but not limited to Emory's standard template and content management system. Learn More >>

Current Projects:

The Electronic Biomedical Interactive Resource Tool (eBIRT) provides an environment for research investigators to discover information about research-related resources available at participating institutions across the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The application enables researchers to search for service cores, scientific equipment, collaborations (v2), and other information in the context of their area of research focus, thereby creating a community of connected researchers that could share expertise and resources.

The Laboratory Information Management System initiative establishes a central laboratory information management system service for ACTSI/Emory research laboratories. The system will facilitate the tracking and management of specimens, laboratory inventories, and reagent ordering; the management of lab and QC data; the acquisition of data directly from instruments; and the exchange of laboratory results data. In addition, the initiative will create a virtual network of research laboratories that enable querying of samples types across the ACTSI.

Electronic Conflict of Interest Project seeks to design and develop an application to facilitate the management of conflicts of interests and conflicts of commitments within the Emory University environment. The next release is scheduled to add automated workflow and improved reporting.

The Center for Health Discovery and Well Being project continues to design and develop their Researcher Portal. This Web-based application integrates data from standard data instruments, high-end instrumentation, and data collection forms. In addition, the application generates a health assessment report for each participant based on their personalized information.