Creating Tool Links

You can add links to tools in your main course menu and/or in specific content areas of your course.

Adding Tool Links to Your Course Menu

  1. Make sure edit mode is turned on
    Edit Mode Is On

  2. Click the big plus sign in the top-left corner of the course menu
    Click plus sign

  3. Select 'Tool Link'

    Select Tool Link
  4. Enter a name for the menu and item and select the desired tool
    Name and select tool

  5. Click Submit

    Click submit

Adding Tool Links to Content Areas of Your Course

Note: The video at the top of this page includes instructions on adding tool links in a content area. Click this link to open the video in YouTube at that point in the video.

  1. From the area of your course where you wish to add a tool link, hover over the Tools menu and select the tool you wish to add.

    Tools menu
  2. Select the tool from the list, click 'More Tools' for additional options. This will take you to a page that allows you to configure the selected tool.

    configure tool