FAQs & Fixes

Are there any knowledge articles on Box?

Yes!  Simply search for emorybox in the KNOWLEDGE BASE

Can I use my full email address instead of netid@emory.edu in Box?

Because of Single-Sign-On integration that lets you log in with your Emory credentials, and because Box uses your email address as your account name, your Box account must be tied to your core network identity (netid). This can, however, be a problem if other people use your longer firstname.lastname@emory.edu email address to invite you to collaborate and Box doesn’t realize it's another email address for your Box account. Luckily, Box has the ability to easily associate additional email addresses to your account so that collaborators can use any associated email address. You can find simple instructions on how to add another email address HERE

Note, this is less of an issue for EHC users who's email is already based on firstname.lastname@emoryhealthcare.org and not a short netid.

Can Sponsored Accounts get access to Emory Box?

Yes!  If a sponsored account holder (with an associated emory.edu or emoryhealthcare.org email address) needs access to Emory Box and doesn't want to use an external Box Lite account, a sponsor may request access for them using the process documented in KB04114.  Please note that request for access must come from an active faculty or staff member and not from the sponsored account holder.  Please also see the details in the knowledge article about the differences between this sponsored account access and faculty/staff access.

Do I need to change my email notifications inside Box?

Box can be set up to notify you when somebody downloads, uploads, comments, previews, or deletes a file that you own or is in a folder that you collaborate in.  By default, we have disabled a lot of these notifications because some folks consider them SPAM.  This doesn't mean, however, that you may not want to set up some of these notifications for yourself, either at your account level or on an individual folder (particularly if that folder is shared with a lot of people who might accidentally delete a file!)  Follow this LINK for more information about setting up notifications.

What happens to my data in Box when I leave Emory?

For Faculty and Staff, it is currently the responsibility of the user (prior to leaving Emory) or their departmental manager (if they have left Emory) to determine the disposition of their Box data. Please see KB04829 for details on what to do and how to transfer ownership of Box data.

What is Box Drive, and how is it different than Box Sync?

Box Drive is a new functionality from Box that is currently in testing, that is why it is shown as "Beta".  Unlike Sync, the files aren't actually copied to  your laptop/desktop.  Instead, with Box Drive you see a file explorer view of your Box content with "pointers" to the online/cloud copy that is downloaded and opened when you click on it.  Because Drive and Sync are not compatible, and Drive does not have the ability to mark content for "offline access", effectively doing what sync currently does now and allowing file access without network access, we cannot turn off Sync and turn on Drive.  As soon as Box completes testing and debugging of Drive, along with adding offline functionality, we will most likely move from Sync to Drive after we communicate with the Emory user community.

How does Box compare to other collaborative options?

See a comparison of Emory sponsored and un-sponsored solutions HERE.  Please consult with your school or department IT before using any solution not sponsored by Emory to assure that it is proper and allowable to use.

Can I call the Emory Service Desk?

The service desk is available to help with general questions regarding Box that are specific to Emory, such as to help if your Emory email credentials are locked and not allowing access to Box using Emory Single-Sign-On, or if you have other desktop related issues that are affecting Box access. Most other box questions can be answered through the various self-help tools using the links on this page. Click here for the Service Desk