Business Case Methodology

The business case methodology is used to document the critical aspects of a request for all new capital requests and new requests and intends to aid in the full understand the following:

  • The business need for the request

  • Total cost of ownership

  • The impact if implemented or not implemented

  • The impact on revenue and/or FTEs

  • Technical and strategic congruence with infrastructure and organizational direction.

At a high level, there are two key components to the business case methodology. The first component is to determine what is being requested and the second component is to determine the technical requirements of the request or how the request is proposed to be implemented.

Component I: “What” is defined by business needs and objectives that drive requests. To understand the “what”, data is captured using a questionnaire and interviews. The Business Needs Questionnaire is used as a starting point to understand the business need(s). Other questions considered in evaluating each request are:

1. Why do this project now?

2. What are the consequences of not doing this?

3. What value will this project add?

4. Will this project directly impact staff/staff hours?

5. Will this project directly impact revenue and/or patient visits?

Analysis of current and future state workflow is often required to ensure full understanding of the request.

Component II: Fully understanding the “what” aids in optimally aligning the technical solution that best meets the need of the request. Evaluating the “how” of the request includes understanding the technical requirements of the proposed solution and/or proposing new or alternatives to existing solutions. To accomplish this, three key steps are completed to ensure maximum understanding of the technical solution.

  1. Technical Questionnaire - The technical questionnaire is sent to the respective vendor for completion. Once completed, the questionnaire is reviewed and analyzed to identify key risks or areas for further elucidation.

  2. Technical Review – Following review of the technical questionnaire, a technical review session is facilitated with the respective vendor. Applications and technical solutions are evaluated for congruence with existing technical infrastructure and technical strategy. Alternative strategies are proposed to address technical deficiencies found in the technical review process. Recommendations to approve or not approve are based on findings from this step.

  3. Technical Walkthrough – Upon approval of a request by the IS Decision Team Sub-committee, a technical walkthrough is conducted to document the technical strategy for implementation.