Get Help

Request service from Library & Information Technology Services (LITS):

LITS Service Request: Request network, trunked radio, paging, cable TV or phone services including moves, changes, additions, deletions

IT Support Request: Service for non-critical desktop computing including: Antivirus, Emory Exchange, Listserv, Network accounts

Emory Healthcare - IS Support Request: Request work for Emory Healthcare non-critical desktop computing

University Governance Project Request: Project requests for initiatives that anticipate work will be greater than 10 person-days or $20,000

Other Reference Materials

LITS Billing Information: Access your monthly LITS billing statement and learn how to read and interpret it. Get a listing of LITS rates. Change the SmartKey charged for monthly LITS services.

Telephone Instructions: Get quick reference guides (QRGs for operating instructions for telephone sets, modular messaging, etc.), dialing instructions, feature activation.

Long Distance Codes/Calling Cards: Request long distance codes and/or calling cards.  Note: Effective February 2013, a long distance code is not required to place domestic long distance calls from non-restricted phones on the Emory telephone system.

Obtain Software: Access Emory's software distribution list.