Lynda is Now LinkedIn Learning

This summer, transitioned to the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn has owned Lynda since 2015 and this transition retired the Lynda brand, relaunching it as LinkedIn Learning. Emory users should now login directly at LinkedIn Learning.

Lynda user course history and data was migrated to LinkedIn Learning, and you can access all of the courses you enjoyed while using Lynda. 
In addition, users will now have access to new courses and features. Read about the upgrade and account activation instructions here.

LinkedIn Account Integration

Did you know you can connect your LinkedIn profile to LinkedIn Learning? While not mandatory, this optional feature can enhance your LinkedIn Learning experience by:

  • Showing completed courses on your LinkedIn profile
  • Recommending courses based on your experience and career goals
  • Enabling the option to ask course-related questions to subject experts on LinkedIn

Visit our help page for instructions on connecting your LinkedIn profile.

News and Updates

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