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Spotlight Award & Sunshine Awards

photo of fireworksThe Rewards and Recognition committee is thrilled to share the list of recipients through April 30, 2008. We are so encouraged to see benefits of this reward program - positive attitudes are definitely contagious! Please be reminded that anyone in UTS can submit any deserving staff member for recognition. You can either go through your manager or send an email directly to the committee listserv ( Making the choice to highlight the constructive contributions in our division can have a direct impact on our working relationships and productivity; so, congratulations to the recipients listed below and those that submitted their names. Keep up the great work!

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Spotlight Award:
Mark Parten (ADS)

Sunshine Award logo

Sunshine Awards:
Marcy Alexander (ATS)
Bruce Anderson (ITS)
Barbara Ballisty (ADS)
Nadera Blackwell (NCS)
Jeff Bollinger (NCS)
Winton Brown (ADS)
Todd Burroughs (NCS)
James Crosby (NCS)


Theodora Diaz (NCS)
Debbie Gray (ITF&A)
Candace Haley (NCS)
Kathy Hayes (ATS)
Joe Johnson (NCS)
Robert Killian (ITF&A)
Ann King (NCS)
Eric Logan (CTS)


Linda Mayes (NCS)
Frederick Mitchell (NCS)
Alma Proffitt (ADS)
John Stiles (NCS)
Zack Wade (NCS)
Dawn Weaver (NCS)
Steve Zimmer (NCS)

Names in bold were nominated for an award by someone outside of their department.

UTS Service Awards

On April 23rd, there was a luncheon to honor Emory Service Award Recipients of 25, 30 and 35 years. In OIT the following staff members received awards:

35 Years:
      Tim Marler (ITS)

30 Years:
      Barbara Ballisty (ADS)

25 Years:
      Nicole Byrd (ADS)
      Kim Comstock (ITF&A)
      Robert Killian (ITF&A)
      Graydon Kirk (ADS)
      Phillip Mason (NCS) - (27 years, 2 years overdue!)
      Matthew Merchant (ITS)
      Curt Stauffer (ADS)
      Richard Westrick (ADS)

2008 First Quarter Recipients:
      Gerald Mosley (ADS) – 5 years
      Byron Nash (ADS) – 10 years
      Garrett Southwell (ADS) – 10 years
      Jim Stanhouse (ADS)– 10 years
      Curt Tucker (ITS) – 5 years
      Thomas Vincent (ADS) – 10 years


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