Box lets you store all of your content online, so you can access, manage and share it from anywhere.

What Is Emory Box?

Emory Box is an Emory-wide implementation of the popular file sharing and collaboration tool that is tailored to Emory and uses Emory credentials for access. It’s available to all active faculty, staff, and students with a goal of fostering collaboration inside the Emory community and with external higher education and research partners.

What kind of data can I store in Emory Box? Click HERE to see our policies

Are there any other limitations to what I can store in Emory Box?

Emory Box is meant as a facilitator for document sharing and collaboration.  With that in mind, there are some considerations for use:

  • There are no file types that have been excluded from storage in Emory Box (note that not all file types are viewable directly from Box using the preview feature and this is a limitation of Box).
  • Box implements a max 15 GB file size on any single file. Larger files cannot be stored in Box.
  • Emory Box has implemented a 100 GB per user hard quota. If a user reaches 100 GB, they will be able to access existing content but not upload or add new.

How do I create my Emory Box Account?

Go to the Emory Box Site:

Select the “Continue” button to log in using Emory email credentials (netid or normal email login). If you don’t have an Emory Box account and are an active faculty, staff or student, an account will be created automatically.  More information about sponsored account access to Emory Box in KB04114.

Can I collaborate (share) with anybody?

The answer is “Yes”, with a few conditions and a little more explanation.

All Emory Box users are responsible for understanding if their documents are in any way sensitive and being aware of any rules or regulations for sharing this data. Additionally, it is the responsibility of each Emory Box user to validate that they are actually sharing with the intended collaborators (remember, many email addresses look similar). Click HERE for more information on policy regarding acceptable data and sharing in Emory Box.

If sharing is appropriate, it must be done using defined collaborators. The sharing of folders and documents from the Emory Box environment using anonymous links has been disabled. All sharing must be done by granting explicit permissions for a specific Box user to access a file or folder. This user can be in the Emory Box, another Academic Box, a Corporate Box, or even a Box Lite (free) account. These access privileges can be at any level, from view-only to read-write as defined by the user sharing and the specific circumstances. Remember, it is the Emory user sharing data who is required to confirm and understand who it is they are sharing with, particularly if they are not in the Emory Box.

If you have confirmed it is appropriate to share with an external collaborator, they can get that free account HERE and you can collaborate with them using the Box Lite account they create.

Can I use any Box apps?

One of the very useful aspects of Box is that they’ve created intuitive and easy to use interfaces to access your documents from most popular desktop and mobile platforms. Most Box applications are enabled in the Emory Box environment as long as they incorporate secure data transmission (SSL – Secure Socket Layer) Security.

Can I call the Emory Service Desk?

The service desk is available to help with general questions regarding Box that are specific to Emory, such as to help if your Emory email credentials are locked and not allowing access to Box using Emory Single-Sign-On, or if you have other desktop related issues that are affecting Box access. Most other box questions can be answered through the various self-help tools using the links on this page. Click here for the Service Desk