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iOS Setup (iPhone, iPad) for Office 365

This guide was made using an iPhone on iOS 5.  The screenshots will look slightly different for iPad/iPhone users.

To setup Office 365 on your Apple iOS device:

1.  Tap Settings.


2.  Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

mail contacts and calendars

3.  Tap Add Account...

add account

4.  Tap Microsoft Exchange.

microsoft exchange

5.  Enter the following information:

a.  Email:

 b.  Domain: <Leave Empty>

c.  Username: (NOTE: Be sure to put your full email address)

d.  Password:  <your Emory password>

e.  Description: Emory Email (If you have multiple email accounts, this description helps to identify each)

6.  Tap Next.


7.  Once the account is verified, a Server entry will be created and populated.  Tap Next.

O365 Website iPhone Screenshot

8.  On the Settings screen, select which information you'd like to have synced to your iOS device.  Tap Save.


Your account is now added.  You can now pull your Office 365 e-mail and calendar from the cloud.

account added