Ome Send

How to send an encrypted message if you are an Emory email user


  • Create a new e-mail message in your e-mail client of choice (i.e., Outlook).

           In the subject line, add (any one of these) to your subject:
           (encrypt) or [encrypt] or {encrypt} or !encrypt!
           (secure) or [secure] or {secure} or !secure!
        Adding one of these two tags to your e-mail subject is what tells the e-mail system to encrypt your message.



  • Add the recipient(s) e-mail address(es), compose the message as you normally would, and hit Send when you’re finished. 

  • If you send an e-mail to a mix of Emory and non-Emory recipients, the non-Emory recipients will receive an encrypted copy, and the Emory recipients will receive the message as normal. Always double-check the addresses to ensure that you’re sending the message to the intended recipient(s).


  • The recipient of your message will receive an e-mail informing them that they have an encrypted message waiting for them, and they will be instructed on how to access it.


OPTION 2:  PROTECT Button or Rights Management setting

  • For OWA (Outlook Web):
  1. Compose an email, and you can simply click the Protect button.OmeSendPic2
  2. By default, it will default to the Do Not Forward permission.OmeSednPic3
  3. Click on Change Permissions and choose EncryptOmeSendPic4
  4. Finish your email and send.


  • From Outlook (Windows Outlook 2013 or later or Mac Outlook 2016 or later):
  1. Compose a new email, and choose the Options TabOmeSendPic5
  2. Click on the Permission button, and it will display a dropdown menuOmeSendPic6
  3. Choose Encrypt – Only
  4. You will see a MailTip like this:OmeSendPic7



For more information about OME, see the following link:

Technet link for OME

For more information on Emory’s Rights Management:

Emory RMS link