OneDrive For Business


OneDrive for Business is similar to Box, network mapped storage (eg. NAS storage). It is integrated within your Office 365 applications, and you access it with your Emory Credentials. Microsoft provides this service as no cost to education customers.

OneDrive, also known as OneDrive for Consumers or Home, is free for a limited amount of storage. It is your personal storage that you can sync pictures, store files, etc.  It should not be used for storing Emory business data.  Consumer/Home users are limited in the amount of storage provided.  Office 365 Home users (personal Home Office subscription) get 1TB per user of storage.

OneDrive for Business is a part of the Office 365 services provided by Microsoft.  Most business and organizations will receive a small allocation of storage.  Microsoft provides Education customers an extremely large allocation at no cost.

Can I access OneDrive for Business via Emory Healthcare VDT/VDI/DLE?

You may have limited access to OneDrive for Business at present (some functionality may work via Microsoft Office, but not via File Explorer).  Emory Healthcare IS does not currently provide direct support of OneDrive for Business within the virtual desktop environments. Expanded functionality is being reviewed, but users may gain access to files via as necessary.

What is the storage quota for OneDrive for Business?

All Emory users receive 5TB of personal storage.  Each Office 365 Group is provisioned with 1TB storage.

Is OneDrive for Business approved for sensitive data?

Yes. As of 5/5/2017, OneDrive has received all necessary sign-off’s required for storing sensitive data (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.).  Please be advised that there are similar terms and conditions like with Box. 

Can I share files outside of Emory?

Yes. You may share files externally, however, users must sign in to gain access to them.  Users do not need Emory accounts, they may use their own Office 365 account (personal, home, or school/business) OR a Microsoft Live Account (they may need to create a free one if they do not have one).

How do I share files?

Coming Soon

Is there a client for OneDrive for Business?


  • Users may use the web browser to access all files via (go to the app launcher/waffle icon, and choose OneDrive)
  • Windows 10 has it natively built in. 
  • Other computer operating systems (including Mac) can download it from their respective stores, or
  • Mobile devices (iOS/Android) may download the OneDrive application from the respective stores.  Outlook mobile users may also access files via the Outlook mobile application.
NOTE:  There are specific terms and conditions concerning synchronizing sensitive data.

What are the benefits of OneDrive for Business?

This service provides integration into your other Office 365 services.  You can quickly edit documents, send attachments, from within Office or online.

Even more impressive is co-authoring documents, and the ability to send links to the attachments (instead of sending numerous versions back and forth).

What is the difference between OneDrive for Business, Box, and our mapped drives (NAS storage)?

More information will be coming soon.  Most of these services provide very similar functionality. 

For business units, please discuss with your local IT support to identify what works best for you.