Updated security policies

Read the updated security policies

In an effort to keep policies current, and ensure they are worded clearly, Emory is updating information security policies.  Three policies (Information Technology Conditions of Use, ResNet and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing) have been updated and the new versions are now on the Emory policy website (http://policies.emory.edu). 

More clarity with fewer words

The focus on updating the Information Technology Conditions of Use policy (http://policies.emory.edu/5.1) was on making it easier to understand and much shorter.   The new version focuses on clear, fundamental items about acceptable and unacceptable conduct in regard to Emory IT resources.  Everyone at Emory should review this policy as it also includes required actions and sanctions for unacceptable behavior.  The ResNet Policy (http://policies.emory.edu/5.6) and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy (http://policies.emory.edu/5.7) have been updated with improved wording and to reflect ongoing operational practices that were not yet noted in policy. 

Review other policies

The Emory policy website (http://policies.emory.edu/) contains policies about a variety of issues, from finance to human resources to research.  Take some time to review other policies on the site that might be relevant to your work or study at Emory.