Information Security Awareness Message - Anti-Virus Pop-Ups: Emory Healthcare

Warning signs

One of the long-standing security best practices has been running up to date antivirus software on your computer. Emory Healthcare centrally licenses McAfee antivirus products for this purpose. If this software detects a virus on your computer, it will take care of the problem without prompting you with a pop-up notification.

Don't be fooled by imposters

A common technique employed by criminals is to fool people into paying for their fake antivirus software with advertisements that appear legitimate, or pop-ups that warn about virus infections that don't really exist. Once installed, this software can take over a victim's computer, not allowing it to function properly until a payment is provided. These criminal imitations go by many names and faces, constantly changing to avoid detection.

What to do when you see a warning

If you see a virus warning pop-up, do not click it or provide any payment information. Instead, contact your local IT support for assistance in removing the fake antivirus software.