Information Security Awareness Message - Anti-Virus Pop-Ups: Emory University

Warning signs

One of the long-standing security best practices has been running up to date antivirus software on your computer. Emory University centrally licenses Symantec antivirus products for this purpose. If this software detects a virus on your computer, it will pop up a warning like the one shown in this message. To see more examples of legitimate Symantec messages, visit this webpage:


Don't be fooled by imposters

A common technique employed by criminals is to fool people into paying for their fake antivirus software with advertisements that appear legitimate, or pop-ups that warn about virus infections that don't really exist. Once installed, this software can take over a victim's computer, not allowing it to function properly until a payment is provided. These criminal imitations go by many names and faces, constantly changing to avoid detection.

What to do when you see a warning

If you see a legitimate Symantec warning, you should not have to take any action because the antivirus software has already addressed the issue. If you see a virus warning pop-up that looks different or asks for payment, do not click it or provide any payment information. Instead, contact your local IT support (for employees) or the Clean Room (for students) for assistance in removing the fake antivirus software.