Windows XP

On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will cease providing support for its thirteen year old Windows XP operating system. Microsoft will no longer issue bug fixes or security patches for Windows XP, leaving any XP computer more vulnerable to attack. When Microsoft ceases support, hardware and software vendors will follow suit, dropping XP compatibility from their product line. If you have a computer that is still running Windows XP, what should you do?

If you’re using Windows XP on an Emory owned computer that you do not support yourself (Most Common)

If your computer is managed by an Emory University desktop support group, please ensure they are aware that your computer is running the Windows XP operating system.

If your computer is managed by Emory Healthcare desktop support, then you do not need to do anything. Your computer will be upgraded as soon as possible. 

If you’re using Windows XP on an Emory owned computer that you support yourself

If you manage and support computers, such as in a research lab, you may be able to use the Campus Volume License Agreement to obtain Windows 7 or Windows 8 to upgrade your machines.  For more information, please email Be advised that some older computers cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8, so this is the first issue to assess. Replacement may be the only option for those machines that cannot be upgraded.

If you’re using Windows XP on your own personal computer

You can purchase Windows 7 or Windows 8 from a number of software retailers, with possible discounts for education. But be advised: Windows 7 software packages are now in short supply. Faculty, staff, and students can find discounted student versions of Windows at or, among other resellers. 

Please note that some installed applications may require a patch or upgrade to be compatible with newer versions of Windows. You should check with the software vendor to determine availability and any associated costs.

For more information from Microsoft on the end of support for Windows XP, please visit: