System Scanning Standards

Emory's systems are increasingly targeted by intruders and hackers. In an effort to protect our resources and further secure the environment, IT Security may conduct vulnerability/inventory scans within the Emory network for the following purposes:

  • To inventory machine(s) being utilized on the Emory network and assess if any have been compromised.

  • To assess machine(s) for security vulnerabilities.

  • To determine vulnerabilities for machine(s) that are reported or believed to be compromised and/or attacking other machines either internally or externally.

  • To verify that machine(s) that were previously compromised have been appropriately patched/fixed prior to being placed back on the Emory network.

Currently the Security Team utilizes the Nessus Open Source Vulnerability scanning tool, but other vulnerability assessment tools may be used to ensure the systems and network at Emory are secure from inappropriate access and/or hacks.

More information on: Security Vulnerability Assessments