Software Resources at Emory

Software Distribution Center

The Software Distribution Center (SDC) provides large volume and site-licensed software at significantly discounted rates to the Emory University community. 

Software Express

Emory University faculty, staff, and students may authenticate to this service to download freely distributable or site-licensed software including certain Microsoft products, statistical software packages, and EndNote.

Work At Home Software

The Work At Home rights available to Emory Faculty & Staff under the Microsoft Campus Agreement are handled exclusively through our Microsoft reseller. You must authenticate with your Net ID and password to verify your eligibility, and then you will be redirected to Emory Work At Home.

Academic Software (for Personal Purchases)

Discounted educational software for personal use is available at the Academic Superstore. All software for Emory use is available from the Software Distribution Center or on Software Express.


Emory's technical professionals may authenticate to this service to download software executables, images and documentation.

Software Eligibility

Download a chart of software eligibility under existing Emory University-wide license agreements.