Website Deprecated: We have a new website and this one will be going away soon. Go to ats.emory.edu/sdl/EaglePrint/ for up to date information. Please let us know where you found a link to this website by emailing us at eagleprint@emory.edu. Thank you!

EaglePrint is Emory's enterprise printing/copying/scanning service for both the main and Oxford campuses (see below for locations). Students can print from their own devices and university workstations to any EaglePrint station.

Faxing is available at a few multi-function devices at Woodruff Main Library, Rollins School of Public Health, and the School of Nursing.


Get started: 2 ways to print!

1. Windows and Apple computers - install the EaglePrint software:

  • Log into Emory's Software Express site to download and install the EaglePrint software
  • Send your print job to the EaglePrint_BW or EaglePrint_Color queue
  • Swipe your EmoryCard at any EaglePrint station across campus to release your print job

2. Other computers, and mobile devices with a web browser - upload to MyPrintCenter:

  • Before uploading your document to MyPrintCenter...
    • ensure your file is preset to 'Letter' size paper and images are formatted as desired
    • if using PowerPoint, save your presentation as a pdf (don't upload ppt or pptx files)
  • Upload files and adjust your print options
  • Swipe your EmoryCard at any EaglePrint station across campus to release your print job

Good to know:

  • Only Eagle Dollars are accepted as payment.
  • Double-sided printing (duplex) is enabled by default, in support of Emory's sustainability initiatives. You can print single-sided by changing the print settings when submitting your print job.
  • Printers contain 'Letter' size paper (8.5"x11") only. You may send jobs with a different paper size, but you will need to provide your own paper using the manual feed tray on the printer.
  • Print jobs are held in the queue for 2 hours. Send a job now; print it later. 
  • To report printing issues, visit any local service desk for immediate assistance or email eagleprint@emory.edu  

Print/Copy prices (per page):

Single-sided Double-sided

Black & White 

$0.07 $0.05


$0.30 $0.20

Scanning or Faxing

free free

 EaglePrint locations:

 Issues or questions?

  • Check our Common Questions page for more information and some troubleshooting tips
  • Visit any local service/support desk (libraries and academic buildings only) for immediate assistance

 We also offer specialty printing!

  • 3D Printing in TechLab, located in the Computing Center at Cox Hall
  • Poster Printing, a MediaLab service, located in the Woodruff Library