EaglePrint is Emory's new student printing service for both the main and Oxford campuses (see below for locations). EaglePrint allows students to print from their own computers and university workstations to any EaglePrint station. There is no longer a need to clutter desks with personal desktop printers.

EaglePrint Installers

EaglePrint installers can be downloaded from Emory's Software Express website.

A few things to know about EaglePrint:

  • Only Eagle Dollars are accepted as payment.
  • All printers contain 'Letter' size paper (8.5"x11"). You may send jobs with a different paper size, but you will need to provide your own paper using the manual feed tray on the printer.
  • All print jobs are held for 2 hours. A print job will need to be re-submitted if it is not released within that time.
  • 2-sided printing (duplex) is enabled by default. This is in support of Emory's sustainability initiatives. This option can be changed when submitting a print job.
  • To report any issues or problems with EaglePrint stations, you can visit any local service desk or send an email to eagleprint@emory.edu.

EaglePrint prices:

  • Black & White - EaglePrint_BW:
    • Single-sided: $.08 per sheet
    • Double-sided: $.12 per sheet (50% off the second side)
  • Color: - EaglePrint_Color:
    • Single-sided: $.50 per sheet
    • Double-sided: $.75 per sheet (50% off the second side)

   Note: Prices for BW and Color copying are the same as printing prices. Scanning to email is free.

EaglePrint stations are available for use in the following locations.

Click here for a map of EaglePrint stations.   

Note that some locations have restricted access.


Main Campus

  • Woodruff Main Library: Learning Commons, levels 1, 2, 3, & 4
    • Scanning to email & Copying available
  • Woodruff Health Sciences Library: Learning Commons, levels P & 1 
    • Scanning to email & Copying available
  • MacMillan Law Library: Learning Commons, level 2
  • Pitts Theology Library: Learning Commons, levels 1 & 2
  • Rita Anne Rollins Building (BW only): Common areas, levels 2 & 3
  • School of Medicine (BW only): Student Lounge, level 2 and Computer classrooms level 3
  • School of Nursing: Computer lab, level 1 and locker area, level 2
    • Scanning to email & Copying available
  • Rollins School of Public Health: Common areas, levels L, P, & 1
    • Scanning to email & Copying available
  • Goizueta Business School: Computer labs, level 1 & 4
    • Scanning to email & Copying available
  • Cox Hall: Computing Center, level 2
    • Scanning to email available
  • Tarbutton Hall (BW only): Graduate computer lab, level 1 (restricted access)
  • Bowden Hall (BW only): Graduate computer lab, level 1 (restricted access)
  • Callaway Hall (BW only): Writing Center, level 2
  • Dobbs University Center (BW only): Computer lab, level 2
  • Clairmont Campus (BW only): SAAC computer lab, level 3 and Building H computer lab level P 
  • Atwood Chemistry Building: Science Commons, level 2
  • MathSci Building (BW only): Reading/Tutoring room, level 3
  • Hopkins Residence Hall (BW only): Lobby, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Alabama Residence Hall (BW only): Lounge, level 3 (restricted access)
  • Dobbs Residence Hall (BW only): Lounge, ground floor (restricted access)
  • Turman Residence Hall (BW only): Lounge, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Holmes Residence Hall (BW only): Lounge, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Raoul Residence Hall (BW only): Common area, level 1 (restricted access) 
  • Longstreet-Means Residence Hall (BW only): Common area, level 1 (restricted access)
  • Few Residence Hall (BW only): Common area, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Evans Residence Hall (BW only): Common area, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Harris Residence Hall (BW only): Common area, level 2 (restricted access)
  • Woodruff Residence Hall (BW only): Lobby, level 3 (restricted access)


Oxford Campus

  • Oxford College Library: Learning Commons, level 1
    • Scanning & Copying available
  • Humanities Hall: HotSpot, level 1
  • Elizer Hall (BW only): Lobby, level 1
  • Fleming Hall (BW only): Study Room, level 2
  • Haygood Hall (BW only): Lounge, level 2
  • Jolley Residential Complex (BW only): Stone/Dowman connector, level 2

Who can use EaglePrint?

All current students, faculty, and staff may use their EmoryCard to release print jobs at EaglePrint printers. Sponsored accounts, affiliates, alumni, and others will need to purchase a guest card.

How can I purchase a guest card to use with EaglePrint?

Guest cards may be purchased for $1 at one of the service desks in the Woodruff, Pitts, or Health Sciences libraries. These cards are created with an exiration date that is printed on the front of the card. Any funds still on the card after the expiration date is forfeited and cannot be transferred to a new card.

How can I add money to my Eagle Dollars balance?

Funds can be added to the to EmoryCards and guest cards by the methods list on the EmoryCard Services website. There are also Automantic Deposit Machines located in the Woodruff Library on main campus and the Oxford College Library on the Oxford Campus.

Why is there an exclamation mark next to the EaglePrint printer on my Mac?

This will occur if the HP printer drivers on your computer are out of date. The update can be found by opening the App Store and choosing the 'Updates' tab at the top or you can go to http://support.apple.com to download and install the drivers manually.

Why does my EmoryCard balance show $0.00?

This will occur if you have not added any funds to your Eagle Dollars account or if you have been issued a new EmoryCard and you swipe your old card at a release station.

Why am I receiving an "Account not found" error?

This error will occur when an EmoryCard or guest card that is not in the EaglePrint database is swiped at a print release station. Current students, faculty, and staff may send an email to eagleprint@emory.edu to report this issue. All others will need to purchase a guest card.

How can I request a refund for a job that did not print correctly?

Please note that refunds are not given for user error. Be sure to send your print job with the correct formatting, paper size, and other settings.

If a print job experiences an error and needs to be reprinted, local service desks should have access to reprint jobs directly from the server for up to 30 mintues after it is originally printed. If reprinting is not possible or if there is no service desk nearby, send an email to eagleprint@emory.edu with the time/date of the occurence and an explanation of why your print job failed to print to open a support ticket. Details of the transaction will be verified before being sent to the EmoryCard office for processing. Read the EmoryCard Services Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Why am I receiving a "Failed to connect to host on <******> on port 28203" error?

Be sure that you are connected to EmoryUnplugged. This error usually means your computer is not connected to the internet or is connected to a non-Emory network. You will also see this error if you are connected to the EmoryGuest or eduroam networks on campus. A less likely cause is that this specific port needs to be opened on the computer's built-in firewall software.

Where can I find a staplers, paper clips, and other finishing options?

Most public print stations have staplers, hole punchers, paper clips, and other finishing options near the printers. Ask the local service desk about details for that location.

Where can I go for help if the EaglePrint installer isn't working?

The Student Technology Support Desk is located on the 1st floor of the Woodruff Library. Go to their website for more information and hours of operation. http://it.emory.edu/sts