The MyPrintCenter website allows you to send files to EaglePrint from any web browser...even a mobile browser on your smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook!

While MyPrintCenter does support PowerPoint files, we do NOT recommend uploading PPT & PPTX files to print. The interpretation of the paper size may not be correct, which can lead to printers not responding as expected when a print job is released. Recommended solutions are below; all of which allow for printing with multiple slides per page with the "Handouts" feature.

  • Print to the EaglePrint_BW or EaglePrint_Color queue
  • Windows: "Print as PDF" with the Microsoft Print to PDF feature in your list of printers. Then upload the PDF to MyPrintCenter.
  • Mac OS: "Save as PDF" with the option in the bottom left corner of the Print dialog window. Then upload the PDF to MyPrintCenter.

Note: To print in color, you must release the print job at an EaglePrint printer or multi-function printer that has color capabilities. Otherwise, the printer will still print your job, but it will be in black & white and you will be charged the black & white cost.

Start by navigating to and clicking the 'Continue to Logon' button.



Then log in with your Emory credentials.

Emory Shibboleth Logon

Now you can upload files directly to the MyPrintCenter website.

  • You may need to wait a few seconds while the system processes your file(s).


Once you've uploaded your file(s), you can change the Print Options.

MyPrintCenter Print Options

  • Color
    • Choose from 'Black & White' or 'Color'
    • 'Black & White' is the default
  • Sides
    • Choose from 'Single Sided' or 'Double Sided'
    • 'Double Sided' is the default
  • Pages per side
    • Choose from 1 or 2 pages per side or each sheet of paper
    • 1 is the default
  • Copies
    • Choose the number of copies you want
    • Additional copies will be automatically collated
  • Page range
    • Choose which pages and/or page ranges you want to print


Any changes made in the Print Options will save immediately. The cost for the job will be recalculated, and it will be available to release at any EaglePrint station.