Presentation Practice


Located on level 2 of the Woodruff Library Learning Commons, room 213 provides a presentation practice and recording functionality to assist individuals and groups in developing effective presentation skills. 

This space enables students to practice their presentations for immediate playback or record them for later review and analysis. The flexible furniture and audio-visual technology in the room include: 

  • Crestron Control System for easy navigation 
  • Dedicated Windows computer
  • 2 HDMI laptop connections with HDMI cables and Apple mini-display and USB-C adapters
  • 70" TV display for showing presentations from the dedicated Windows computer or a personal device
  • Confidence monitor with a camera for viewing and recording ongoing presentations
  • Windows Movie Maker for recording ongoing presentations
  • Ceiling microphones and speakers
  • 4 mobile tables that can be used individually or assembled as a larger 10 seat table as required
  • 10 mobile chairs
  • Lectern

To request Room 213 for presentation practice, please go to the Student Digital Life Resource Scheduler and select the Presentation Practice & Web Conferencing option.