3D Printing Tips and Info

One of the most asked questions when someone comes to visit us is: "How do I print something?" Often times, this is right before they say they don't have anything they want to print in mind. The first thing you need in order to print something, is a thing to print! Here are some various tools and repositories we tend to point people toward. These are chosen based on acessibility, availablility of tutorials, and ease of use. 

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3D modeling tools

Other handy utilities for creating models

  • 123D Catch - Basic photogrammetry tool - iOS and Android option
  • Meshmixer​ - Sculpting tool and tool for editing models, adding supports, blending models together, etc

Designing Models

A list of various tutorials, blogs, articles, and information on designing models for printing.

General 3D Printing FAQs and Tips

A list of various concepts to keep in mind when 3D printing objects.

Cleaning Models

A list of articles about cleaning your objects once you have pulled them from a printer.

3D model repositories

If you want to browse what other people have already made, want to edit a model instead of starting from scratch, or just want to see if it has been done already, we tend to point people at the following locations:

Scan to Print - Part 01

Prepare a scanned object for printing

Scan to Print - Part 02

Prepare a scanned object for printing

Making a solid object hollow

Using Meshmixer to make something hollow