TechLab Pricing

While the using the space and various tools in TechLab is offered at no cost, there are a small number of tools and items which we do charge for.

All charging is done via the EaglePrint system with EmoryCard. No Cash or Credit Cards accepted.

3D Printing costs:

  • Projects printed in PLA plastic are charged $2 per 100 grams of PLA used. 
  • Projects printed in resin are charged $4 per 100 milliliters of resin used.

Button Maker Material costs:

Supplies to make buttons are sold in the facility in bundles. Customers may only buy button supplies in predetermined sets.

  • Supplies for 10 buttons for the 1 inch button maker are charged $1.
  • Supplies for 5 buttons for the 2 1/4 inch button maker are charged $1.

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