Student Production Studio


Winter break until the Spring semester.


Woodruff Library (540 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322). 


Student Production Studio facilitates video, photo, and audio production in a configurable studio setting. It provides professional adjustable lighting, a Sony 4K video camera, Edelkrone devices (SliderPLUS, HeadPLUS, SurfaceONE),  high-end microphones, a Canon DSLR camera with a choice of lenses, a choice of black and white backgrounds, a green screen option, and more (see the list of the equipment below). 

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Using the Studio

1. Reserve the Studio. Please note that an additional equipment training may be required prior to your reservation, please see below. 

2. If you would like to use the Studio video or photo camera or one of the Edelkrone devices, an additional equipment training is required. To schedule this training, click the button below: 

You are not required to attend the training if you are reserving the Studio for audio production or if you are bringing your own camera for video or photo production.

There is an Equipment Guide binder available in the Studio for your reference. You may also want to review the Audio Production Guide or the Lights Guide prior to your production work.

Please note that we do not provide training on audio production software in the Studio. We recommend LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that helps you learn the desired skills remotely at your own pace.

3. Bring an SD memory card for each of the studio cameras you intend to use. (For recording in 4K, an SD XC card is required. For recording in HD, either SD, SD HC, or SD XC can be used. A 64 GB SD card will accommodate about 140 min of footage in HD and 70-120 min in 4K depending on chosen bitrate).


*click on the equipment links to access the manuals or promo videos

Learn with LinkedIn Learning: an online learning platform that helps you learn creative skills at your own pace.

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