New Students

Welcome to Emory!  We are here to help you get all your devices connected to the EmoryUnplugged wireless network. 

You'll need to get the following set up on your computer in advance:

  • Anti-Virus Protection - Emory's requires an anti-virus to be installed and active on your computer to connect to the network. Please see the follow page for a list of some options - Anti-virus and Malware protection options
  • Update your Operating System (OS) to the latest version available (this also helps protect your device)
  • Know your Admin user name and password for your computer or device (so you can change configs to get on our network)

Password Security

While you are preparing for your arrival, think about passwords . . . how important they are and unique they must be in order to provide the first layer of security between you and the world.

You already know you should never share your password with anyone (we will never ask for it!).  Did you also know you should have different passwords for your social media network (Facebook, Google, Instagram et al), your financial network (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.), and your Emory network (OPUS, O365, Emory domain)? 

The stronger the password the better.  At Emory, there is a 9 character minimum requirement with at least 2 alphabetic characters (A_Z, a-z), at least 1 non-alphabetic characters (spaces, numerals, punctuation and/or special characters on a standard U.S. PC keyboard).  

Your Emory password cannot be your Emory NetID, nor your name or a word found in a dictionary.  It can certainly be a lyric from your favorite song, a line from a book or a poem, your top 5 desserts, your favorite baseball player's stats and standing.  It doesn't have to be hard for you to remember - just impossible for others to figure out. You'll need to reset it annually as well, so try and set a date for password changes on your calendar.

             Forget Your Password?: Please contact the University Service Desk at 404-727-7777 

             More Password-related links: Password Policies

             Emory Network ID & Initial Password (your first password reset)

             How to Change your University Password (to reset when required or desired)

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Emory now utilizes two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication decreases the risk of compromises and data breaches to the Emory network by requiring two factors to confirm your identity – something you know (your password) and something you have (e.g., app push, text, or call to your mobile phone or landline).

What does this mean? All Emory students will be required to authenticate via the Duo two-factor authentication system in order to access OPUS,, and other selected applications from off-campus. Duo will not be required if accessing these systems on-campus using Emory’s wired/wireless network.

To use Duo, you will need to complete the Duo Security enrollment process before accessing these services off-campus.  So, enroll now on your computer at

Additional information is available at