Anti-Virus & Malware Options

LITS: Enterprise Security requires that all students living on campus have some type of anti-virus or malware protection installed on their computers in order to connect to the main network on campus, EmoryUnplugged. 

Emory does not offer anti-virus for student-owned computers. Below are a number of recommended anti-virus and malware solutions available for free. If you currently have a paid solution installed on your computer, you can continue using that product as long as it is still currently licensed. Otherwise, choose and install one of the options from the list below: 



  •  Defender (built into Windows 8/8.1 and 10). Be sure it is active and running on your machine. More info and manual updates can be found here:




IMPORTANT: If you previously installed Emory’s McAfee on your computer, we recommend you uninstall it by running one of the tools listed here.   

If you have issues with the uninstall of McAfee, please visit the Student Tech Support Desk for assistance if open, or email us at

By using a computer on Emory’s network, the user agrees to all Emory University policies available at All members of Emory’s computing community should also be familiar with Emory’s Information Technology Policies, in particular the 'Information Technology Condition of Use' Policy (Policy 5.1).

Every student is responsible for practicing safe computing when using Emory's network and services. This means making sure the basics are covered such as keeping antivirus software and system patches up to date, securing all accounts with strong passwords, immediately deleting unsolicited email, and visiting safe websites. Any student not following these safe computing guidelines and policies may have their access to the network disabled.