Student Technology Recommendations

The following are minimum computer specifications to avoid technical issues while accessing and submitting online course materials and collaboration in Canvas and Zoom.  If you are enrolled with a specific program/course of study, please check with that school's IT support for additional information about their technology requirements. 


Minimum Computer & Internet Recommendations


Operating System: Windows 10 or macOS 10.14 or later

CPU:  Dual Core 2GHz


Storage: 128GB

Additional needs: microphone, speakers/headphones, webcam (to participate online with Canvas and Zoom)

Internet:  reliable access with download/upload speeds of at least 800kbps (test your speed here)


Additional Considerations


If enrolled in a class/program requiring Data Analysis and use of large data sets, you may want:

  • A Quad Core or faster CPU for better data processing
  • Additional RAM for loading larger data sets in programs like MS Excel, Stata, and R/R-Studio


If enrolled in a class/program requiring Video & Graphics editing, you may want:

  • 16-32GB of RAM for processing image and video files faster and easier
  • At least 2 GB of GPU VRAM (graphics card video RAM)
  • Additional hard drive storage space (1TB or more), as video and graphics files can be very large. Consider purchasing an external hard drive and/or using cloud-storage options like OneDrive, which is included in your Emory Office 365 subscription. 


For software and additional device setup assistance

Visit our New Students page at 


For Remote Learning, Wi-Fi and Internet Options

Please visit our remote Wi-Fi Options page