Application: Tableau


Tableau helps people to see and understand their data, answering valuable business questions and giving insight in to mountains of information collected over time. This fosters collaboration between colleagues and creates a culture of data driven business.

There are two main components to Tableau:

1. Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Desktop is the core piece of software that allows users to connect to their data and develop insightful dashboards. Here is a short video on Tableau Desktop.

2. Tableau Server

  • Tableau Server is the best way to share visualizations and collaborate, here is a short video on Tableau Server.
  • Emory now has its own safe and secure enterprise version of Tableau Server!

Who is Tableau For?

Tableau can be used by anyone who knows their data and has an analytical mind.

Where can I go for help on how to use Tableau Desktop?

To the right there are several links that can help you find answers to all sorts of questions.

Would you like to know more?

Please send and email to if you would like to know more about Tableau.