Confluence Migration FAQs

A few FAQs to date:

  • I notice that many new Confluence pages include numbers in the URL.  Are those numbers/URLs static and good for me to update bookmarks to?
    • Yes - and I would always recommend updating bookmarks where possible.  Any numbers in page URLs should be static and safe to bookmark.
  • I have content on my page that includes links to other wiki pages.  When I click on those links, I get a message that the page is missing or I don't have permissions.  What happened to my access?
    • If you hardcoded links in a page like this, the new cloud wiki may not find the content at the same path/URL.  The vendor will be running some scripts on 9/11-12 that should fix the majority of these.  However, if the scripts do not fix everything or you need it immediately, you can search for the page in the new wiki and then update the links to point to the new URL.