What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a service in our Microsoft 365 suite of services.  There is no added costs for using the base functionality.  The base functionality provides  capability to create surveys, quizzes, polls, and easily see results as it comes in. 

You can share Forms with Office 365 Groups, so everyone in the group can modify/view results (and have no dependency on individuals to always be around when changes are needed).

When you're ready to start collecting data, you can use tools like Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), Power BI, and SharePoint/OneDrive for Business, and PowerApps to help integrate and automate various workflows.  OR you can simply export the data in Excel. The options are up to you.


How-To Get Started Information

1. Sign into

2. Click on the Waffle Icon / App Launcher in the upper left 

3. Choose Microsoft Forms (you may have to click All Apps if you do not see it)

4. Choose New Form or New Quiz (as appropriate)


Useful Tips:
  • Anywhere you see 3 dots …  means you have additional options
  • Branching means "If they answer with ___" then go to question ___ next
  • Check under settings to add start / end dates
  • Once your form is completed, you may want to move it to a Group so others can access the questions and responses.  This is done via Office 365 Groups.