OneDrive For Business


OneDrive for Business is cloud storage provided under our Microsoft 365 educational licensing.  The storage is actually a part of SharePoint Online, and Emory receives "unlimited storage" as a part of this.

Every user at Emory has a 5TB (terabyte) personal quota. Office 365 Groups and SharePoint sites start with a 1TB quota and dynamically expand.

To gain access to your OneDrive for Business storage, you can use the:

  • OneDrive for Business app
    • With Windows 10 Fall Creators Build and newer, or a later Mac OS, you can have benefits like:
      • Easily identify personal (consumer) OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online Document Library synchronization within file explorer.
      • Files on Demand - only keep files downloaded locally that you need. With very large quota's, local computers will not be able to sync all your storage locally.  So OneDrive for Business will auto download icons for all files, download the full file when you need it, and auto recover space when you no longer access it.
  • Mobile client on iOS or Android OS
  • Outlook Mobile on iOS or Android OS
  • Web app, then open the App Launcher/Waffle icon in the upper left.  You can then choose OneDrive for Business



What collaboration functionality is there:

  • Co-authoring Office documents - 2+ people can co-edit and view documents real time, and can see who's working in what location and can even chat real time.
  • Check files in and out - when you need to control who's editing at a particular time
  • Workflow - Require approval before a file is modified or published
  • Automation - Using native SharePoint tools and Power Automate (Formerly Microsoft Flow), you can automate tasks like saving documents received via email.


OneDrive for Business or Box?

  • Emory has both OneDrive for Business and Box.  Both tools provide very good services, and each provide some unique functionality that the other does not. OneDrive for Business does provide the most integration functionality with Microsoft Office and Office 365 services.  It is best to consult with your local IT and Business Units to see what works best in your area.  
  • You can find a detailed storage comparison here:  Emory Storage Comparison


What is the storage quota for OneDrive for Business?

Every user at Emory has a 5TB (terabyte) personal quota. Office 365 Groups and SharePoint sites start with a 1TB quota and dynamically expand.


Can I share files outside of Emory?

Yes. You may share files externally, however, users must sign in to gain access to them.  Users do not need Emory accounts, they may use their own Office 365 account (personal, home, or school/business) OR a Microsoft Live Account (they may need to create a free one if they do not have one).


Is there a client for OneDrive for Business?


  • Users may use the web browser to access all files via (go to the app launcher/waffle icon, and choose OneDrive)
  • Windows 10 has it natively built in. 
  • Other computer operating systems (including Mac) can download it from their respective stores, or
  • Mobile devices (iOS/Android) may download the OneDrive application from the respective stores.  Outlook mobile users may also access files via the Outlook mobile application.

NOTE:  There are specific terms and conditions concerning synchronizing sensitive data.


Can I access OneDrive for Business via Emory Healthcare VDT/VDI/DLE?

You may have limited access to OneDrive for Business at present (some functionality may work via Microsoft Office, but not via File Explorer).  Emory Healthcare IS does not currently provide direct support of OneDrive for Business within the virtual desktop environments. Expanded functionality is being reviewed, but users may gain access to files via as necessary.