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Why do I keep getting redirected to a Microsoft webpage and/or an error page when I use my browser bookmark for

When you go to you immediately get redirected to a Microsoft generated login page for Office 365. If you created a bookmark in your browser for Office 365, the URL that was saved is probably something very long like:

This link if used again may generate web page errors OR it may send you to another Microsoft web site.  You must edit your bookmark so that it points to and not the long URL created by default.  


Can I be logged into my Office 365 and accounts at the same time?

Since both products use the same Microsoft service, you will need to open your Office 365 account ( and your Microsoft Outlook account ( in separate browsers; not just different tabs or windows in the same browser.


Can I forward my Emory Office 365 e-mail to another service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.?

Official Emory University policy prohibits automatically forwarding your Emory e-mail to another service.  


How do I set up an e-mail application on my computer to access my Emory Office 365 e-mail?

Student Technology Support cannot assist students with the set up of e-mail applications on personal computers.  Access is only supported through

More information on accessing Office 365 through the web or a supported smart device is available here.

The Microsoft Outlook application found in the full Office Suite can be used to access your Office 365 account.  Students can certainly configure this desktop version of Microsoft Outlook using their Emory credentials.  However, there is no support for these installations in the Student Technology Support office.

I am graduating and want to archive my mailbox and save a copy of my contact list.  Can I do this in Office 365?

There is not a way to archive mailboxes, nor export contact lists directly from the Office 365 website.

If you choose to use the Outlook email client to access your Emory Office 365 e-mail, your mailbox can be archived and your personal contact lists exported for access after you no longer have an email account. The Student Tech Support office does not provide support for the Outlook email client.  

Directions on how to do this can be found at these Microsoft support links:

MacOS (import/export) Windows (import/export).


How do I get my Emory Office 365 e-mail on my mobile device?

Access to Office 365 e-mail is available on a variety of mobile devices.

Instructions for accessing Office 365 through the web or on an Emory supported smart device are available here.


How do I create a mailing list for my study group?

Instructions for creating a contact group are available here.


What is the maximum number of message recipients in Office 365?

It is recommended that the total number of recipients in any given message (To:, Cc: and Bcc: fields) not exceed 100 to avoid being seen as SPAM by filtering services.


What is the attachment size limit for Emory Office 365 e-mail?

Individual files that are sent via attachment to an e-mail are limited to 25MB in size.


How do I upload a profile picture?

At this time, changing your profile picture is not supported.  We hope this functionality will be included in a future Microsoft update to Office 365.


My mobile device with Office 365 set up on it was lost/stolen. What do I do?

You can remotely wipe the device by logging into, clicking on Options->See All Options, and clicking the Phone link on the left. Highlight the lost/stolen device from the list on the right side of the window and click Wipe Device. The next time that device connects to a mobile or wireless network, the remote wipe will begin.


Why are meetings I have either created or been invited to often off by an hour or two on my calendar?

Office 365 will add meetings you have created or accepted to your calendar at the time that corresponds to the Current Time Zone setting. If your Current Time Zone setting is incorrect, meetings will show up on your calender at what looks like the wrong time. To fix this, go to Options->See All Options->Settings->Regional and update the Current Time Zone.