What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a great way to communicate and collaborate within groups or departments.  It adds Instant Messaging, Audio, Video, and integration capabilities to help a group's workflow.  Teams is most comparable to a competitive product, Slack.  Microsoft Teams will eventually be replacing Skype for Business (TBD date).

Here's a great introduction to Microsoft Teams:  Welcome to Teams

Microsoft Teams sits on top of an Office 365 Group.  As a reminder, Office 365 Groups offer a Distribution List, shared mailbox archive, shared calendar, Planner, OneDrive storage, Team SharePoint site, and Flow/Forms integration.  There is no way to separate a Team from an Office 365 Group.  If you delete one, you delete both.  

Office 365 Groups / Microsoft Teams are no additional cost to Emory.  However we are still restricting the creation of either to the Messaging Team for now.  This is to help alleviate naming collisions (Eg. Payroll when it should be EUV Payroll or EHC Payroll) and challenges getting started with the right set of tools

Microsoft Teams can be accessed via Web (, Full client (Win or Mac), or Mobile (iOS or Android)


How do we get access to Microsoft Teams?

Answer:  The ability to create Teams is restricted to just the Messaging Team for the time being.  The only reason we still have to keep this centralized is naming nomenclature.


How do we request a Microsoft Teams?

Answer:  You can request a Team by going to our intranet website and clicking on the Microsoft Teams Request Form to submit your request..



Microsoft Teams - Key Features

  • Portal Application to services like: storage, IM, conversations, other apps and services (minus the email components, which are done via Outlook / OWA)
    • Full featured Mac / Windows clients 
    • iOS and Android clients
    • Web client
  • Standing Instant Messaging between individuals or groups
  • Channels for standing conversations and threaded conversations
  • @Mention labeling to notify other users or channels
  • Inline Office document co-authoring
  • Shifts (staff scheduling) - Allows available shifts to be published, claimed, swapped.  Users can block out times for vacation, time off, etc.
  • Integration with other services (PowerBI, Flow, Planner, SharePoint, etc. and approved 3rd party)
    • Can add apps and services inside channels and per user
  • Assignments - Ability to integrate into M365 Classes
  • Whiteboard
  • Meeting Notes and IM tracked within meetings
  • Microsoft Stream recording of meetings (when enabled)
    • Participants automatically get access
  • Audio / Video collaboration
    • Completely rewritten servers, engines, and codecs than with Skype for Business
    • Codecs are fully optimized for low bandwidth, and will notify participants about issues and mobile will offer to dial in if bandwidth/data coverage becomes an issue
    • Full Mac/Win client compatibility and 95% mobile client functionality 
    • Up to 500 participants per call; up to 10,000 can use a live Teams Event (web streaming)
    • Organizer/scheduler does not have to start the meeting
    • Allows concurrent meetings
    • Ability to call others from Emory directory or phone number while already in a call
    • Localized dial in numbers
    • Participants can join from multiple clients (e.g. transition from PC to phone seamlessly)
    • Blur Background and background images
    • Multi-camera support; will give ability to overlay whiteboard camera with presenter
    • Up to 500 participants for dial in; 5000 members per team
  • $0 cost for usage of Microsoft Teams; However and add-on license can add dial in capability for $18/year per scheduler




Messaging Team recommended training links: