Student Computer Labs

Fall 2020 Updates

All students, faculty, and staff visiting our spaces must first be cleared to return to campus in compliance with the Return To Campus Guidelines. Please verify your status in the React Dashboard before planning your visit. Groups in need of meeting space are encouraged to use Zoom for web conferencing instead. 

Please know that there are now software application options to be found on our Student Technology Support site, as well as Self Service links that address assistance for Canvas, Zoom, and more. 


Software Resources

All areas include basic office suites via Microsoft Office and iWork. As well as this and other common utilities each lab has a selection of specialized software: see Software Available by Area

Graduate Labs

These labs are restricted to graduate students associated with the respective department. If you need access, please speak with your department representative.

Bowden Computer Lab

The Bowden Computer lab

Access: History and Philosophy Graduate Students
Hours: 24/7, Card access required after-hours
Location: Bowden Hall, Room 100


  • 8 iMac computers
  • 1 EaglePrint Black and White print station

The Tarbutton Computer Lab

The Tarbutton Computer lab

Access: Political Science and Sociology Graduate Students
Hours: 24/7, Card access required after-hours
Location: Tarbutton Hall, Room 120


  • 25 Dell computers
  • 1 EaglePrint Black and White print station

Undergraduate Labs

These labs are available for all Emory users unless noted otherwise.

The SAAC Computer Lab

The SAAC Computer lab

Access: All Students
Hours: As SAAC
Location: Student Activity and Academic Center


  • 5 iMac computers
  • 1 EaglePrint Black and White print station

Micro Labs

The Student Digital Life team also maintains a few walk-up iMac workstations (changing with building renovations) across campus for quick access to e-mail and the Internet. These workstations can be found in the following buildings:

Kiosk computers

Access: All Emory users
Hours: As building

  • White Hall, 2nd floor

Resources: 6 iMac computers