Die Cutting

image of cricut explore air.

Our Equipment

We have two Cricut Explore machines for use in our space. With these machines you can make laptop decals, create designs that can be heat pressed onto shirts, and more!

Cricut Explore Air

  • 12" wide
  • 12" and 24" long mats
  • Materials available
    • Heat Transfer vinyl
    • Regular vinyl
    • Transfer tape
    • Printable sticker paper

Heat Press 225

  • 15" by 15"
  • Customizable pressure
  • Customizable temperature 

 Our Prices

Vinyl and transfer tape: $2 per sheet

Sticker paper: EaglePrint cost

Equipment Reservation

If you'd like to reserve time on the die-cutter, please see our reservation page.



Helpful Resources 

Instructions on making decals.

Instructions on making stickers.