Laser Cutter

Picture of Muse laser cutter from FSL

Our Equipment

You can use the laser cutter with any approved materials. You must present proof that the material is that which you claim, either with a label on the material or a receipt showing what it is. We do not guarantee material availability and encourage you to bring your own.

To use the laser you must first complete the laser safety certification and Muse certification by Full Spectrum Lasers and show a screenshot of the e-certificate from each to a staff member. You will then be trained one on one with our staff. Training consists of helping you acquire beginner laser training skills by engraving a design that you then cut out.

In addition, you must have a trained staff member verify your cut settings before starting a cut, for the first 3 times you use it. 

Muse Laser Cutter

  • 45W CO2 laser
  • Work area: 20" x 12 "
  • Engraving Resolution: 1000 DPI
  • Maximum cut thickness: 1/4 "
  • Maximum material size: 2"

Equipment Reservation

If you'd like to reserve time on the laser cutter, please see our reservation page.

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