Create EC2 Instance

Create EC2 Instances and login remotely.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with:
    1. Username: your email that you provided for the course registrationP1
  3.  Once logged in, make sure you are in the appropriate region, N. VirginiaP2
  4. Click the Services link at the top left of the page
  5. Search for, or select, EC2P3
  6. Click the Launch Instance buttonP4
  7.  Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    1. Select My AMIs on the left-hand menu
    2. Select the Qiime2TrainingP5
  8. Choose an Instance Type
    1. Select m5.xlarge instance
    2. Click the Next: Configure Instance Details buttonP6
  9.  Configure Instance Details
    1. Under Auto-assign Public IP, select Enable
    2. Leave all other settings default on this page
    3. Click the Next: Add Storage buttonP7
  10. Add Storage
    1. Update the size field to 50
    2. Click Next: Add TagsP8
  11. Add Tags
    1. Click the "click to add a Name Tag" link
      1. It should auto-populate the Key type, if not type in "Name" (without quotes)
    2. For the Value type in your email address that you used to register for this workshop
    3. Leave other options as default
    4. Click Next: Configure Security GroupP9
  12. Configure Security Group
    1. Choose the "Select an existing security group" option
    2. In the list of security groups, select the "MicrobiomeWorkshop" security group
    3. Click the Review and Launch ButtonP10
  13. Review Instance Launch
    1. Review the information on this page and make sure it is accurate
    2. Click the Launch buttonP11
  14.  Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair:
    1. Select Create a new key pair in the first drop down list
    2. Type in your email address that you used to register for this workshop
    3. Click the Download Key Pair
    4. Note the location where this key pair is stored (most likely in your Downloads folder)
    5. Once you've downloaded the key pair click the Launch Instances buttonP12
      • On the following screen, scroll down and click the View Instances button in the bottom rightP13
  15. Wait for your instance to enter the running state (you may need to click the refresh button in the top right of the page)
  16. Once your instance is ready try to login:
  17. Note the Private IP address of your EC2 instanceP14


    MAC USERS, Continue

  18. Make sure your instance is highlighted and click the connect button at the top of the screen
  19. Note the two commands listed, the first is in step 3 of the instructions, the second is listed under Example:P15


  20. Open your favorite terminal program
  21. Change directories to the location of the PEM file you downloaded earlier (most likely in your downloads folder)
    1. cd ~/Downloads
  22. Run the first command you noted above
    1. chmod 400 FILE_NAME.PEM
  23. Now run the second command you noted above to SSH into your instance
    1. ssh -I "FILE_NAME.PEM" ec2-user@PUBLIC-DNS-NAME
  24. If you connect successfully, you will be asked if you are sure you want to connect to this  P16
    1. enter "Yes"
  25. At this point you should be connected to your EC2 Instance