Voice Service

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Emory's Office of Information Technology Services (OIT) provides Voice Service for over 30,000 telephone lines across the Emory Enterprise, including all University and most Healthcare facilities. The service provides staff with features and capabilities such as voice mail, conference calling, long distance, conference bridges, call forwarding, extension to cellular, and call center features.

The service includes various options with associated price points based on the business needs of the customer. For a list of monthly and one-time costs for commonly used services, please refer to the IT Billing Information.

To ensure a safe environment, Emory has taken precaution and installed over 400 Emergency Phones. The telephones are located in every elevator as well as on the campus grounds. These Emergency Phones link users directly and exclusively to the Emory Police Department (EPD) Communications Center, staffed 24 hours a day.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare use Radio Services to communicate with internal and external sources. Radio service is available 24/7 for two-way communication. The technology is "trunked", a complex, but efficient computer-controlled radio system. Custom talk groups are built for specific departments or individuals by request. The Emory Police Department and other units use Radio Services to communicate with the City of Atlanta and the police and fire stations of DeKalb and Fulton Counties. Hospital facilities management uses the service to communicate in clinics and hospitals.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Telephone Extension: Physically connected phone line, fax/modem line, or remote call forward extension
    • Remote Worker Phones bridged with the Emory desk phone are available for home use
  • Virtual Fax: Users can create, receive and send faxes
  • IP Softphone: Control your desk phone using your PC or can be used in lieu of a desk phone
  • Call Center Agent Phone: Provides Call Center features and queuing on incoming calls with measurement reports regarding answering and processing performance
    • These phones are typically on-campus but Remote Agent Desk Phones (work from home) are also supported
  • Forwarding: Allows users to control forwarding to any destination. On request, Remote Call Forwarding access may also be granted.
  • Extension to Cellular - EC500 Extension: Provides the ability to have incoming calls to your desk phone ring at the same time on your cell phone
  • Conferencing Telephone: Allows the caller to add other participants to a call (up to 6 parties, depending on telephone type)
  • Conference Bridge: 
    • For University users, Zoom Audio/Desktop Collaboration Bridges are available at no additional cost
    • Healthcare users may also obtain a Zoom bridge at additional cost
  • Officelinx Voicemail Messaging: User is able to retrieve messages through a telephone, computer, and/or smart device using Outlook or Web Browser
    • Transcription of Voicemail to text is available upon request at no cost to the hearing impaired
  • Custom Talk Group: Build custom talk groups for specific departments or individuals
  • Emory 911: Instant access to the Emory Police 911 Emergency Channel