Business Analyst Services

The Business Analyst team within Emory's Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a range of services that support the implementation of new IT solutions, products, services, and research endeavors. Business analysts assist with delivering high-value solutions by partnering with their stakeholders and ensuring the delivered solution meets their needs and priorities. The services provided by the business analyst team include requirements gathering, requirements analysis, requirements documentation, process improvement, new product research and grading, data analysis, project management, quality assurance, training, and documentation. Business analysts can work on independent efforts or within projects managed by the OIT's PSMO Project Management team. By utilizing industry best practices to deliver their artifacts and services business analysts help to ensure that delivered solutions have high quality and are highly valued by customers across the Emory Enterprise. 

Key Features and Benefits

Our team of business analysts provides key services to ensure customers and delivery teams have the information they need to make informed decisions on how solutions should be developed and operated.

  • We offer process improvement services to identify and rectify inefficiencies in operations.
  • Quality assurance is conducted before customer delivery to ensure all solutions meet high standards.
  • End-user documentation and training are provided to ensure users become familiar and productive with newly developed solutions.
  • Business analysts provide essential services to streamline research and recommend projects, such as collecting and documenting product requirements, creating product evaluation documentation, and delivering cost-benefit analysis services.
  • Templates and guidance are available to assist stakeholders in the community with delivering business analysis artifacts and services. For access, please email OIT PMO.