HIPAA at Emory

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which was signed into law in 1996. There are three separate sets of rules affecting the Emory Covered Entity that cover standardization of healthcare transactions and code sets, the Privacy Rule which includes new rights for patients regarding their personal health information, and the Security Provision detailing the specific technology security protections all health care organizations must undertake to ensure confidentiality of patients' medical information.

These HIPAA rules and standards will create major changes in the way the Emory Covered Entity functions. The important thing to remember is that every medical entity in the United States is required to comply with these regulations.

The Emory Covered Entity has developed high level security policies and will undertake employee training to ensure that all information is appropriately disseminated. Everyone at Emory must consider how health information should be handled and protected. This web site has been developed to give you the resources required to ensure that Emory remains compliant with federal laws and regulations.