Encrypting Your Personal Devices

Encryption is not only helpful on Emory systems, but can also add to the security of your personal devices. If you would like to install encryption on your computer, choose your device below.


Some versions of Windows will use "Device Encryption", while others will use BitLocker. Click on your version of Windows below and follow the instructions to install encryption.

Windows 10

At the moment, Microsoft has not provided official documentation on encrypting Windows 10, but the steps for encryption are almost if not identical to the steps for Windows 8. Follow the instructions for the Windows 8 edition that is closest to your version of Windows 10.


Current versions of OSX use the FileVault encryption system. Follow the instructions at the link below to properly install it on your Mac.
FileVault on OSX Yosemite


Current versions of Ubuntu will give you the option to encrypt your drive when you install it on your computer. If you've already installed Ubuntu, and wish to encrypt your drive, follow the link below for information on how to do this.
Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption