Service Asset and Configuration Management

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) is the process of maintaining information (i.e., configurations) about IT Assets and Configuration Items (CIs) required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships.


  • Define and control the components of IT Services and IT Components and maintain accurate configuration records
  • Account for the business assets, system configurations and services within the organization and their relationships that have been identified in the scope of the Configuration Management process
  • Be a single, virtual source of reliable information concerning the IT infrastructure by bringing all relevant IT Services and Components under ongoing configuration management control
  • Comply with Emory’s governance requirements, control its asset base, optimize its costs, manage Changes and Releases effectively and resolve Incidents and Problems faster


  • To improve our ability to plan, assess, and implement changes successfully
  • To improve incident resolution time
  • To improve customer communication by understanding the impact of incidents
  • To improve our ability to understand the real value IT provides in enabling services that support the Emory mission