Major Incident

A Major Incident is a significant disruption to the business and requires separate procedures with shorter timelines and greater urgency.

Characteristics include:

  • When a total service failure occurs for all customers of that service
  • When a service fails at a critical location
  • When a service fails at a critical time in the business calendar
  • When a service outage has financial impact
  • A visible, user facing Incident that adversely affects the academic, research or healthcare objectives or patient care
  • Severe service degradation or service hiccups

The Goal of the Major Incident Process is to restore service as quickly as possible while keeping the Emory community informed.  This process outlines the management of Major Incidents and the corresponding notifications.

The Major Incident Process will:

  • Provide multiple bridges for communicating during a Major Incident
  • Clearly define roles for all individuals involved in the Major Incident Process
  • Provide formalized training and reference materials (Pocket Guide) for quick and easy access to the process and procedures
  • Provide a list of Critical Business Applications and Core Infrastructure Services, along with the appropriate Application/Service Owner (KB04806*)

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This process has only been adopted by OIT and Yerkes at this time.