Incident Process Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • All incidents must be logged, categorized, and prioritized using the service management tool for Emory University.
  • Incidents will be handled by the agreed upon goal as stated in an SLA and/or OLA as defined by each organization and/or department.
  • All incidents shall be reported, managed, and resolved through Emory University’s Incident Management processes.
  • The Incident Management processes will cover the entire lifecycle of any type of incidents that require the use of services provided by IT.

Incident Prioritization

Prioritization codes will be determined for all incidents handled with Emory University's service management tool.  In order to identify the correct priority allocation code, the matrix described below should be used.  The Impact and Urgency tables below provide definitions of the terms used in the priority matrix.


Impact CodeExamples
1 – Extensive/WidespreadAn incident impacting the entire campus OR An incident that impacts a critical business service
2 – Significant/LargeAn incident impacting multiple departments or buildings
3 – Moderate/LimitedAn incident impacting multiple users or a department
4 – Minor/LocalizedAn incident impacting one or few users


Urgency CodeExamples
1 – CriticalAn incident affecting the entire service resulting in the inability to perform/provide the functions of the service
2 – HighAn incident affecting the ability for a user to do work
3 – MediumAn incident that moderately affects the ability for a user to do work and/or a workaround exists
4 – LowAn incident that does not impede the ability to do work or provide service functions

Incident Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix
Extensive / WidespreadSignificant / LargeModerate / LimitedMinor / Localized

Incident Service Levels


P10.05 hours2 hours
P21.5 hours12 hours
P33 hours24 hours (2 Business Days, 6 Hours)
P44.5 hours36 hours (4 Business Days)
P59 hours72 hours (8 Business Days)


P11 hour4 hours
P23 hours24 hours
P36 hours48 hours (5 Business Days, 3 Hours)
P49 hours72 hours (8 Business Days)
P518 hours114 hours (16 Business Days)


P11 hour8 hours
P26 hours48 hours
P312 hours96 hours (10 Business Days, 6 Hours)
P418 hours144 hours (16 Business Days)
P536 hours288 hours (32 Business Days)

Performance Management

Violation to the Incident Management guidelines can result in one or more of the following measures:

  • Email Notification Warning An email warning from the service manager/process owner from the relevant organization/department/division.  The necessary coaching will take place in educating the user regarding the incident management process.
  • Verbal Warning A verbal notification to the violator's supervisor informing them of their non-compliance with the process. The necessary coaching will take place in educating the user regarding the incident management process.
  • Written Warning: A written notification to the violator, their manager, and divisional director. This person will be required to attend a face-to-face training session to be educated on the incident management process.