Knowledge Process Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Use the "How to", "Fix" or  "Service Desk Reference Guide" template when applicable 
  • Use the Verdana 12 pt font size for article content including headings and the body of the Submission
  • Ensure you publish links with the "https" prefix
  • Knowledge articles should be reviewed within the specified thirty (30) day timeframe.

Review Published Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles should be reviewed within the specified thirty (30) day timeframe. Knowledge articles at risk of passing the review date are escalated to the Knowledge Manager. Outdated knowledge articles are indicated in red to notify the reader the article has not been reviewed.

Review Feedback and Flagged Articles

Knowledge Feedback and Flagged article information are shared with the Knowledge Champion. The Knowledge Champion is expected to validate the comments with the article author, take the appropriate action (if any) then respond to the submitter (if possible).

Note: Comments submitted by Users who do not have an Emory NetID will be recorded as “guest”.

Escalation Process

Knowledge contributors should escalate any issues with the Knowledge process to the Knowledge Manager.  If the Knowledge Manager in unresponsive, escalate concerns to the Knowledge Process Owner.

Things to Consider when Submitting Knowledge Submissions

  • Does the knowledge article exist? Check the knowledge bases to determine if the knowledge exists.  If so, is the knowledge applicable to my entity?  If not, do I have the knowledge to create the article?
  • Who is the knowledge champion?   Select the appropriate knowledge champion for the knowledge being submitted.
  • Did I select the correct knowledge template and did I delete any unused section?
  • Did I select the correct knowledge base?
  • Did I select the correct configuration item?
  • Did I identify the appropriate audience?
  • Did I enter the appropriate keywords in the "Meta" field?
  • Is there any additional information I need to include?
  • Did I remember to spell check?