What is Request?

What is an IT Service Request?

A generic description for many varying types of demands that are placed upon the IT Department by the users. A request can be a need for more information or a request for an item or service. Typically the request begins with statements such as:

“I need…” or “How do I...”

Also defined as: Transactional requests to provide a user with an IT commodity, access to an IT service or ask a question.

Some requests are "standard" (frequently occurring with a defined process for managing) and can easily be planned for. Other requests are "ad hoc" and/or difficult to plan for. The Incident application has been helpful in allowing us the ability to log and have visibility into both types of these requests. While the Incident application is effective for capturing ad hoc requests, the standard requests would be better managed through the use of the Request application in ServiceNow.

What benefits can be gained using the Service Request Catalog within ServiceNow?

  • Fulfillment teams will be able to create customized order forms leading to the capture information that is required to begin work and deliver the good or service the customer is requesting
  • Coordination between multiple fulfillment teams can be automated through workflow and the auto assignment and routing of tasks
  • Users will be able to view delivery times and the status of their request in the self service application
  • Management will have more data to review the effectiveness and efficiency of fulfillment