Telephone Options

Softphone - Avaya Workplace           

Eliminate your deskphone and go remote with the Avaya Workplace Softphone.  

This softphone application provides users with access to emulate an Emory desk phone on a computer or mobile device. Calls originating from this client will display your Emory phone number and name. It’s available on Mac and Windows Desktops, as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Currently Not Available for Call Center use

IP Phone / Multi-line Set                 

This option is ideally suited for those who rely on common functions like directory and speed dial to enhance productivity and communications. Through a built-in two port Ethernet interface you can plug in your computer thus eliminating the need for an additional Ethernet port.  These phone are automatically configured to use the Avaya Workplace application.

Analog Phone with CallerID             

This telephone is an advanced single-line set for those who require incoming Caller ID display and a speakerphone, but does not need mulitple lines.

Analog Phone without CallerID        

This telephone is a basic single-line set for those who do not require advanced features.


Analog Line Only (jack, no set)

This is an Emory phone number that is active on an analog voice jack with no physical phone device.  It could be a modem, fax, or any other Analog line that doesn't have a traditional phone connected. 


eFax (virtual)

This is an Emory phone number that allows faxing over the internet.  eFaxing eliminates the need for a traditional fax machine.


Fax Line (jack, no set)

Similar to a Analog Line Only but configured specifically to use with a Fax device. 


Line Only (bridged appearance)

This is a Emory phone number that can appear on multiple stations.  It could be a Departmental line or a single number that is answered by multiple people.


Voicemail Only (no set)

This is an Emory phone number that goes straight to Voicemail.  It doesn't ring on a physical phone.


Emergency Line (Alarm, Blue Light, Elevator, Panic)

Similar to a Line Only but configured specifically for emergency alarms or alerts.  Generally used for environmental controls, elevators, and emergency blue lights.