Enterprise Architecture

Leadership: Stephen Wheat, Chief Information Technology Architect
Contact: Call the University Service Desk (404-727-7777)

What We Do:

The role of the Chief Information Technology Architect was designed to coordinate and lead information technology architecture initiatives across Emory University and Emory Healthcare with a focus on application integration, application development, and portal design. The Chief IT Architect and IT Architecture Group work with units across the Emory enterprise as well as Emory's application vendors and partners to maintain a list of IT architecture standards and guidelines in use at Emory. Where standards do not exist, the team works with appropriate units to identify the current practices and target new standards and guidelines for the future. The IT Architecture Group works closely with groups spearheading new technology and standards to help operationalize and document new technology and practices in their initial phases of adoption.

Current Activities:

  • Provide leadership and assistance in the application and implementation of IT frameworks
  • Work with Emory units to identify IT architecture and infrastructure needs collaboratively
  • Review projects for compliance and conformance with established IT architectures
  • Assist other units in using and adopting new IT infrastructure through training, documentation, seminars, and other services
  • Collaborate with partners and vendors of Emory to help them use and access Emory IT infrastructure or to develop new technologies and infrastructure to meet joint objectives
  • Set an example of excellence, dedication, and professionalism that is acknowledged both within Emory and beyond

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