Project Management

Emory's Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) Project Management Office (PMO) is here to deliver value to the Emory Enterprise by enabling our faculty, staff and students to deliver project outcomes. The PMO includes full-time project managers who are responsible for managing projects and programs for enterprise-class information technologies, information security, networking infrastructure in construction projects for new and renovated buildings, digital scholarship initiatives, and central technology services in the libraries. These projects are temporary efforts, with definite beginnings and ends, which create a unique product, service, or process.The PMO’s methodology is based on the PMI™ framework and Project Managers guide project through the complete project management life cycle. This includes repeatable and documented processes to ensure the delivery of value to our customers. By coupling a consistent methodology with flexibility based on project requirements, the PMO works with project stakeholders allocating resources from across the enterprise to deliver projects and high-quality products and services on time, within budget, and according to their defined scope.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Using PMI's standards for portfolio and program management, the PMO facilitates Emory University's IT Governance process ( ), ensuring business cases are properly researched and presented, then approved for priority-based release
  • After project delivery, the PMO evaluates and measures the effectiveness and value of the delivered products, services or processes.
  • The PMO's processes include tools, techniques and templates to enable a consistent and repeatable approach to project success.
  • The PMO provides mentoring and guidance by project managers to the community about project management best practices in action and approaches to resolve actual project issues and strategies
  • Share project items with the entire Emory enterprise as well as a number of universities and non-profit organizations throughout North America. For access to these documents, please email
  • Our Certified Project Managers provide project management training aligning PMI's processes with the Emory environment through Emory's Learning Services
  • Facilitate Emory's Project Management Community of Practice. This group of full- and part-time practitioners meets monthly to consider management techniques and tools, study for process and software certifications, and collaborate to solve related problems and concerns.
  • Offers Project Management 'Light' templates and techniques to help project practitioners in the community apply best practices to their initiatives.
  • Continual service improvement practices to improve project management processes and improve project success. All project managers attend continuing education to keep current in their field as well as survey stakeholders and implement lessons learned to incorporate improvements in the PMO processes.